Initiation of the project

Special thanks to Michaela Abbasová and Laila Al-Asbahee, for whom the idea of a charity exhibition for Doctors Without Borders was born and who participated extensively in its organization from the outset

"The war in Yemen broke out in 2015 and developed into the largest humanitarian crises in the world.Unfortunately, if we had no relatives in Yemen, we would most likely not even know about this catastrophic situation.One of the organizations doing a wonderful job there is the Doctors Without Borders.

We are two mothers who have children studying at international schools with the IB program. An important part of IB is volunteering, where students have to spend a certain number of hours doing charity work to pass the IB. Once we saw an art exhibition of some IB students and straightaway came the idea of connecting their talent with helping the Doctors Without Borders.

We contacted our two friends Ivona Danziger and Marketa Nováková, who have great experience in the organisation of charity events. They immediately with huge enthusiasm joined us and we started planning a selling exhibition of artwork that these students would create as part of their service hours for IB and all the profit will proceed to the Doctors without Borders. When contacting the schools, we were very pleasantly surprised how the schools supported this idea and gave us their trust to make this project happen." Laila and Míša